We work exclusively with Accountants to help protect and grow their business

Most Accountants want to provide their clients with the best services possible. It makes sense that your clients should have access to business services through you


This allows you to offer more services to your clients to expand and grow your practice without employing more resources or taking on more liability.

How we help you and your clients

We support your Accounting firm as part of your go to financial services team.

BlueKite Professional Services support your practice by giving your clients access to financial services tailored to suit their personal and business needs including:


• Strategic Financial Advice for SMSF and High Net Worth Individuals


• Finance for Business, Property, Equipment and Commercial


• Property buying service


• Business: strategic planning, succession, selling and buying businesses


• Estate planning and business succession

What we do for you and your practice

Our role is to work with you to provide your clients with additional financial services while growing your revenue and protecting your business. We will gladly offer training sessions to your staff on all areas of services

We offer full monthly compliance and transparent reporting on all client transactions, so you understand your client’s business and personal needs with greater clarity


Let’s work together to create a service experience for your clients and peace of mind for you and your practice


We can also assist your practice with marketing services including website review branded newsletters increase online presence.


Our service and marketing system allows your business to grow with little cost and gives you back more time.


Please talk to us about how we can complement your business



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