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Accountants are the trusted advisers to their clients

More than 5,000 baby boomers are turning 65 each week in Australia. Those that own businesses are not well prepared for succession or exit – They do not know what the business is worth, how they can exit or what steps they need to take to prepare.

Considering over 70% will turn to their accountants for this advice there is an exciting opportunity to really help Business prepare and exit with maximum valuation.

Helping to protect and grow your practice

Most Accountants want to provide their clients with the best services possible. It makes sense that your clients should have access to complimentary business services through their accountants.


If the Accountant cannot provide the services needed for their business clients growth, succession or exit then the businesses will turn elsewhere. This will be a missed opportunity and leaves the practice vulnerable. Accountants should see this as collaboration rather than competition.    


We can help you, the trusted adviser provide the services your clients’ need while complimenting, expanding and protecting your practice.


With trust comes responsibility. But It’s not easy Business demands, money, family, employees, wealth, personal health, values and the future - These are the complexities successful owners wrestle with. We all need a little help along the way.


Working with you and your business clients

We like to assist your business clients with a complete integrated approach to growth, success and eventual exit. Be that passing on to family merging acquiring or selling the enterprise.

The 3M approach allows the business owners to integrate the 3 main area of success.

Using the 3M Framework for Businesses we can hero the Accountant and their practice. We can provide the complimentary services needed for your clients in their business journey. No business succeeds alone. By facilitating and working as a team we can proved the platform for the business owner to become the best they can.

Are you maximising your resources to assist your clients?

Your clients are going to utilise the financial services of other providers. We would prefer if you recommend a client rather than we meet you through your client.

Which Accounting Practices do we like to work with?

We like to work with Accounting practices with 1 to 5 partners who have a revenue base of $750k to $15 M. You will see a need to help your business clients but the cost and logistics to provide these services inhouse makes it prohibitive.

As your client’s businesses grow, they can often be exposed to feel they can get more services from a larger firm. We provide the Accountant with all the services their client needs without the client feeling they may be missing valuable input  

 BKC is designed to complement your practice to deliver the best of breed services and outcomes to you and your clients


Talk to us about forming a win-win relationship for you and your clients.


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We welcome the opportunity to have a conversation with you about your business needs. Book a free 30 minute online session with us and find out how we can help your business grow.

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