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Building Wealth - The Confusion

With so many options available to build your wealth, it can become confusing and overwhelming. Knowing what assets to choose and how to structure your investments is challenging in an age where we have access to more information than ever before. You can be forgiven for just putting it in the too hard basket or doing what your parents have always done. This unfortunately leaves you in a situation where you are probably not optimising your situation to build wealth in the most efficient way for you.

This becomes even more challenging when media and product providers bombard us with select information that essentially makes their story better. Media will often focus on bits of information to make a great story that will get people to read the article and future ones. They will select facts that make a good story instead of a well-balanced set of facts that attempts to show a full view. Product providers are trying to sell their product. They generally will not include information that makes their product look bad and will only focus on the information that makes their products look good, so they can sell more. You can end up in a situation where media and product provider information can leave you confused (even overwhelmed) and deciding it is not worth the risk of doing anything at all.

How can you get the clarity and focus you need to make an informed decision? It comes down to the right motivation and right help. Some of the common sources and where their motivation comes from include:

  • Parents and Family - Usually their motivation comes from a place of love and wanting you to be successful. However, often are limited in their knowledge and have limited exposure to different options available.

  • Friends and Colleagues - Motivation can often come from a place of wanting to help but can be more ego based for them. That is, they are wanting to show off and their motivation centres more around them, not you. Again, their knowledge is often limited.

  • News - They are there to sell their story and can be just as confused.

  • Product Providers - They want to sell their product and are not concerned about it being right for you. That’s not how they make their money. They have a wealth of knowledge…on their product.

  • The Professionals - Generally speaking, are in business to make money. Most are however focussed on you and helping you achieve the best outcome for your situation. They understand that by achieving great outcomes for you, their business growth will occur by default. That is, happy clients refer to them and come back to them again and again. Plus, they are qualified in their relevant field with varying levels of experience. However, they aren’t qualified across all fields and an expert at everything.

So, what’s the solution? BlueKite Capital - An integrated financial services provider with qualified and experienced professionals. We bring all the professionals together with their varying subject matter expertise to develop solutions that consider your full situation. Our motivation is to work on the ultimate solution for your individual situation.

For more information speak to a Private Client Manager at BlueKite Capital today. Call us on 1300 883 594 or email


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